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Who are we?

After a long long time 2 people decided to join forces.
Picking out new tunes, and mixing them into a lovely powerful podcast that they wanna share with the world.

Hope you enjoy this website/podcast!
Please don’t hesitate to subscribe, or leave us a comment.

Oct 1, 2018


Cubicolor - Dead End Thrills
Rufus Del Sol – No Place
Kidnap – Skin
Marco Viera – El Eden
Donaes – Yellow Dust
Radek K – Cepheus
Hauswerks – After Dark
WO-CORE – Lose Your Soul
Alyne – Lost Secret
Danito & Athina – Kalypso
Frael – Mazeu
Pete ft. Jem Cooke – So Long
Opposite Ways – Nothing Is Lost
Cassian – Lafayette
Steve Banning & Pindura - Habitus