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Who are we?

After a long long time 2 people decided to join forces.
Picking out new tunes, and mixing them into a lovely powerful podcast that they wanna share with the world.

Hope you enjoy this website/podcast!
Please don’t hesitate to subscribe, or leave us a comment.

Sep 23, 2019


Cerebral - Titan (Bastinov RMX)
Aitor Ronda - Beyond The Edge
Cj Bolland, Tom Wax - Whisper
Alan Fitzpatrick - The Approach
DMB, Meli Rodriguez - Fazula
Bart Skills & Weska - Lost On You
Filterheadz, Pagano - Warped
Rich Wakley - Rock To The Rhythm
Lazy Jay - Push
Alan Fitzpatrick - Roll With This
Bart Skills...

Aug 1, 2019

Track Listing

Adriatique - Hound
Jaap Ligthart - All We Can Do
Fideles - Endless Sacrifice
Adana Twins - Ebrietas
Patrice Bäumel - Puppets
Len Faki - Robot Evolution
Hidden Empire - Caterpillar
Ilija Djokovic - Nebula
Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles (Adam Beyer, Bart Skils & Layton Giordani Renaissance Remix)
Belower -...

Jul 31, 2019

Track listing

Sebastien Leger - Lanarka
Schiller, Jan Blomqvist - In Between
Icarus - Echoes
Yotto - Walls (Joris Voorn Extended Remix)
Frank Sonic, Stil & Bense - Spektrum 99
Cassian - Same Things (Arturia Remix)
Alex Mase - Paradox Behaviour
Jam & Spoon - Stella (Kölsch Mix)
Maxim Lany - Renaissance
Joris Voorn -...

Jul 31, 2019


UMEK - Acid Rain
Giacomo Renzi - Magnetic Eyes
Daniel Viltrick - Schizophrenia
Kaiserdisco - Limea
Dok & Martin - Imnosis
Jay Lumen & Delph - Ozone
Ramon Tapia & Haidak - Lifted
BolsteR - Esoteric
Adam Beyer, Green Velvet & Layton Giordani - Data Point
Ramon Tapia - Vibrations
Celic, Dok & Martin -...

May 31, 2019


VIGI - How To Love Me
NARF ZAYD, BUBA DJ - Love Is The Message
PINTO (NYC) - Get Down
ADRI BLOCK, MARTINA BUDDE - Ride It Baby (Jackin House Dubb)
FILTH & SMELL - The Thrill Is Goin' Away
LOST FIELDS - Africa (Elektik Disko Remix)
ANTOINE CLAMARAN, AGUA SIN GAS - Everybody Pumpin' (Earth...